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Digital Signage Screen Guidelines

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Billboard Screen Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to Billboard Screens managed by the Broad College of Business Dean’s Office. These are screens in Broad College facilities that accept content submissions from Broad College units or organizations sponsored by or affiliated with the Broad College. Please download and view a PDF of our Digital Signage Policies for full documentation.

Who Can Submit Billboard Content

Any employee of the Broad College can submit content to be included on Billboard screens.

For a student organization to submit content for Billboard screens, the group must be registered and have a direct affiliation (i.e. a faculty advisor) within the Broad College.

How to Submit Billboard Content

Content submissions should be emailed as an attachment to Content should be formatted as such:

  • JPEG or PNG file type
  • 3,840px wide x 2,160px high

When submitting, please also include a requested start date/time as well as expiration date/time. Content can remain on screens for a maximum length of three (3) weeks.

When to Submit Billboard Content

Content will be prepared every Friday AM for the following week. As such, only submissions received by EOD Thursday will be considered for publishing for the following week.

Billboard Content Creation

Templates for various purposes such as event promotion and visiting guests are provided in this PowerPoint template. Properly formatted files can be exported with very little technical knowledge required, and instructions for such are included in the file. Users can also create content in the design application of their choosing, provided the file submitted complies with the guidelines outlined above.

Billboard Content Restrictions

The following content is restricted and will not be accepted for inclusion on Billboard screens:

  • Low quality and/or improperly formatted content. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Typographical errors
    • Incorrect aspect ratio or dimensions
    • Low resolution or improperly scaled images
  • Inappropriate material. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Bar crawl and/or party announcements
    • Photos depicting inappropriate behavior (e.g., drinking)
    • Classifieds (roommate wanted, car for sale, etc.)
  • Job postings for external positions. Only Broad College of Business positions will be permitted.
  • Copyrighted material (unless written permission from holder is provided)

It is the responsibility of the submitting individual to properly format and verify adherence to these guidelines before submission.