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Access my M drive Remotely

Connecting from a classroom or from home

The location for the business college is \\\broad

  1. If you are off campus, connect with the University VPN.

  2. Click on the File Explorer Icon.  Right Click This PC and select Map Network Drive.
  3. Set the drive letter to M: or any available letter (recommend J through M)
  4. In the Folder field type the full DNS name of the server you wish to connect to.  The format is \\\broad\home\username (where username is your NetID) or \\\broad\dept (where dept is your department name).  You may also just connect to \\\broad as shown in the example.


  1. Be sure to check Reconnect at logon. Then click Finish.
  2. You will be prompted for your username and password. Use campusad\netid for the username when connecting to Elastic Storage then click Ok.
  3. Your M drive will now appear in My Computer.

Be sure to connect to the VPN every time you want to access Elastic Storage from home.