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Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2013

At the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Startup Screen click Next



At the account configuration screen click Next






At the Add New Account window click the Manual setup or additional server types radio button then click Next



At the Add Account choose service window, click the Microsoft Exchange or Compatible Service radio button. Then click next.




At the Add New Account Server settings window, type in for the server address, then type in your business username for the username field then click More Settings.



On the Microsoft Exchange Connection tab, click the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP check box, then press the Exchange Proxy Settings button




On the Exchange proxy server settings window, type in in the “use this URL to connect to my proxy server for exchange” click the on Fast networks checkbox, and choose Basic Authentication from the drop down list.



At the add new account window click Next then the windows security should pop up asking for a username and password. Enter in Business\username then your password, and click Ok



The next window should be the Add Account window reading You’re all set! From here you can click on the Finish button and begin using Microsoft Outlook 2013