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Remotely Connect to My Computer

The following steps detail how to remotely connect to your office computer from home or elsewhere.

Find Your Computer Name

To find your computers’ name in Windows 10, right click on the Windows Logo, and select System.  You may have to click About to get to the screen below.

The Device name is your computers name.

Windows 10

Computer/Host Name

Connect to VPN

1. Connect to the MSU VPN at using your MSUNet ID and Password.

If this is the first time logging into the VPN you will need to install the VPN Client. The instructions can be found at

Remotely Connect to the Computer

Type mstsc into the “Type Here to Search” box and press enter.




7. Type your computer’s full name into the box.



8. Enter your username and password. After pressing okay, you will be logged into your computer.