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Account Retention Policy

1.0 Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to define the length of time that Business College login accounts and associated services will be maintained after the account holder leaves the college. It subsequently serves to maintain the security, operational cost, and efficiency of the Business College network.

2.0 Scope
This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students who have login accounts on the business network.

3.0 Policy
Business network login accounts and associated services (email, file storage, etc…) will be maintained for 30 days after the account holder leaves the college. After which, the login account, associated email and personal network storage space (M: drive) will be deleted.

3.1 Ownership and Responsibilities

3.1.1 Supervisor
It is the supervisor’s responsibility to submit an account deletion request at least 5 business days before the account holder’s last day of service.

3.1.2 Account Holder
It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that they have copies of any desired data (email, contacts, M: drive, etc…) before their last day of service.

3.1.3 Network Resource Center
It is the Network Resource Center’s (NRC) responsibility to delete the account holder’s login account and data after the 30 days has expired.

3.2 Monitoring
The NRC periodically runs robotic scans to identify accounts that may no longer be in use. Departments will be notified if such accounts are found in their department allocation within the Business College.

4.0 Enforcement
The system administrator or their delegate will be notified of violations of this policy, at which point they may attempt to work with the department directly. If these attempts are not successful, violation information may be passed along to the CTO of the Business College for resolution.

5.0 Definitions

Term Definition
Login account A username and password given to Business College employees that is used specifically for college resources.
Account holder Any faculty, staff, or student of the Business College login account.
Email Account A Business College email address associated with login account, typically
File Storage A place where user data is stored. Typically data on the login account’s M: drive.
Supervisor The individual responsible for supervision of the account holder.
System Administrator The title associated with the person responsible for core Business College IT resources, such as email, file server, and network access.
CTO Chief Technology Officer, manager for all Business College IT resources, who is the interface between Business College faculty and IT resources.