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Department Server Space (N: Drive) Policy

1.0 Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to define the acceptable use of shared storage space on the Business College’s file server. Specifically, the login account’s N: drive. Acceptable use must be defined and enforced to ensure the integrity of Business College resources, and the security of sensitive data.

2.0 Scope
This policy applies to all users of login accounts, in all departments within the Business College.

3.0 Policy
Every department has a shared space on the Business College file server which is restricted to members of their department. Contents of this area are limited to individual user directories (M: drives) and a “common” directory.

When collaborative work requires shard access to files/folders on the file server, the Common directory shall be used. Under no circumstances are user directories to be used for shared access.

3.1 Ownership and Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the NRC to maintain this policy as service providers to account holders at the Business College.

3.2 General Configuration Guidelines

  • The contents of every departments shared space on the file server shall consist of user directories and one “Common” directory only.
  • All members of a given department shall have read and write access to the immediate contents of the Common directory, not including subfolders.
  • • Upon request, the NRC will create subfolders in the Common directory that only requested individuals have access to.

3.3 Monitoring
NRC staff is obligated to review security configuration of network resources, including but not limited to, granted access to personal folders and subfolders.

3.4 Compliance
Any configuration found to be in conflict with this policy will be replaced or reset, as per section 3.3 of this policy. The account holder may or may not be notified, depending on the situation. If data loss may result from the compliance change, the account holder will be notified, provided that notification can be completed without affecting the safety or security of other account holders.

4.0 Definitions

Term Definition
N: Drive Shared file server space available per department for collaborative work.
Login account User name associated with an individual at the Business College. Login accounts are typically granted to all Faculty, Staff, and PhD students.
NRC Staff Members include full time and student employees of the NRC.