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Equipment Moves

1.0 Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to ensure correct operation of Broad College information technology resources, to maintain a computing environment that is conducive to conducting business, to maintain an accurate inventory of Broad College resources in the Information Technology Services inventory system, and to prevent damage to Broad College computer equipment.

2.0 Scope
This policy is specifically targeted at computer equipment owned, operated, and maintained by the Broad College. The term “computer equipment” is inclusive of personal computers, monitors, printers, and other personal computer accessories.

If you are unsure if a device falls into this category, an inquiry can be submitted to the .

3.0 Policy
All cross-office computer equipment moves will be performed by the Network Resource Center staff. A task must be submitted to the NRC at https:\\ at least two business days prior to the move taking place. This will ensure that a technician will be available to facilitate your request.

It is acceptable for a faculty or staff member to move their own equipment within the same office location without the approval or help from the Network Resource Center.

3.1 Ownership and Responsibilities
A. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a request has been submitted to the NRC at least two business days prior to the needed move date. Requests can be submitted at https:\\ .
B. The NRC staff will make all reasonable attempts to facilitate the computer equipment move request.
C. The NRC staff will make updates to the inventory system and to the computer equipment’s network identification information as required by the equipment move request.

3.2 Monitoring
Compliance to this policy will be established via the yearly physical inventory process.

4.0 Enforcement
Failure to comply with this policy may result in the loss of computer resource support.