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Network Equipment Support Policy

1.0 Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safe and uninterrupted use of the computing network by the Eli Broad College of Business faculty, staff, and students. Effective implementation of this policy will better control destructive equipment activities on the Broad School network and minimize the risk of loss of data, time, and resources.

2.0 Scope
All equipment or devices deployed in the Broad School network and/or registered in any Domain Name System (DNS) domain owned by the Broad School must follow this policy. The term “network equipment” is inclusive of routers, switches, hubs, wireless access points, and various other network hardware.

If unsure if a device falls into this category, a inquiry can be submitted to the . This policy is specifically for equipment residing within the Broad College network domain and subnets and does not apply to equipment outside the Broad domain residing on the university network.

3.0 Policy
All network equipment in use at the Broad College of Business shall be owned by the college, and administered by the Information Technology Services group.
Faculty, staff, and students shall not provide their own networking equipment. If the need for networking equipment exceeds the resources that are currently being provided by the college, please submit a new equipment request at the . The college will make every effort to satisfy reasonable requests for additional networking equipment.

3.1 Ownership and Responsibilities
Network equipment used on the Broad College of Business network should be owned by the college and all maintenance and upgrade responsibilities should reside with the college.

3.2 General Configuration Guidelines
All network devices will be configured and/or installed by the Broad NRC, or by MSU’s Engineering Services team. In the event that a privately owned device is approved by exception for installation on the network, the device should be configured and/or installed by the Broad NRC or by MSU’s Engineering Services team. Administrative rights to all devices will be retained by the Broad NRC.

3.3 Monitoring
The Broad NRC reserves the right to do periodic network sweeps with the intention of discovering non-compliant devices.

4.0 Enforcement
The college reserves the right to remove any network equipment that is that is not owned, installed, or maintained by the college.

Any employee found to have violated this policy may have their Broad network access rights revoked.