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Non-College Owned Equipment Support Policy

1.0 Purpose
The Broad network resource center (NRC) is a limited resource that should stay focused on the assets of the College. In some limited cases, faculty and staff use their personal computer equipment to further the mission of the College. Deans and department chairs may give the NRC permission to work on this personal equipment by submitting a form stating their support for this work.

2.0 Scope
Personal computers, laptops, and peripherals belonging to Broad faculty and staff.

3.0 Policy
Any computer equipment that is worked on by Broad IT must either have a Business College inventory tag, or be accompanied by the submission of a ticket at the .

The completed form, signed by a dean or department chairperson, should accompany the non-Broad inventory tagged PC to the NRC (5 Eppley Center).

3.1 Ownership and Responsibilities
Signing of the form by the dean or department chair is an attestation that the equipment to be worked upon is used significantly for university related tasks.

4.0 Enforcement
If this policy is not followed then non-Broad inventory tagged equipment will not be worked on by the NRC staff.